Create a Custom Product Tab on woocommerce single product

Create a Custom Product Tab on woocommerce single product

But now we are ready to create a custom tab! It is super-easy, guys. Well, it depends on what you are going to display inside your tab, but creating a tab, in general, is simple.

This is my tab, I use the StoreFront theme, so in your theme tabs could look another way.

Create a custom product tab.

And the code:


Read this tutorial to learn more about how to choose a priority parameter.

A quick look on the arguments of the function:

  • $slug – it is misha_custom_tab.
  • $tab – contains all the same parameters of an array on line 5.

What is the reason to put $slug as a first argument of this function you may ask? Easy – it allows you to create multiple tabs and to use the same callback function for each of them. Just add a condition inside for each tab using $slug argument.

Show the Tab for Certain Product Types or Specific Products Only

You can also use global $product to create some conditions. For example you can display your tab only for certain products:


Or for specific product types only:


Another post: 



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