WCFM Snippet Send Vendor Bank Details to the Customer

WCFM Snippet Send Vendor Bank Details to the Customer

Code Snippet Overview

The WCFM snippet aimed to Send the bank details directly to the customer is great when you want the buyer pays directly to the seller through bank transfer. When you install the WCFM plugin of WCLovers you will see that when a customer makes a purchase, the admin bank details are sent to the customer, but if you want to send just the vender details, use this WCFM snippet.


As you can see, now there is a tab that says Customer Pay option and a text field that can be edit by the store owner so he can put his bank account details. Also, as it is a text field, the store owner can write additional instructions or conditions to the client.

Bank details after the WCFM code snippet implementation.

WCFM Code Snippet


  1. Copy the code:
  2. Add a new Code snippet in the Code Snippets plugin
  3. Paste the code snippet.
  4. Activate it.

Note: Is important that in Woocommerce > Settings > Payments > Bank Transfer you erase your bank account otherwise the invoice that the buyer receives will also include your Bank Account information.

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